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1980 Plus


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About the car:

An outstanding original GJ Scorpion that was loved from the moment it has handed over as a new vehicle in 1981, a true barn find.

It has a history that will bowl you over, hit you for a 6 and simply remind us how true the next sentence is. There are no boundaries," no pun intended", how many people love and miss seeing a scorpion on Australian roads and at car show the way they remember them.

From my experience showing this car, everyone that admires the car has a story of having one or whom they knew who had a scorpion. They always mention they were a hot looking and quick car back in the 80's.

This GJ has the original sale of contract from the dealership, including the receipt for payment of $10,140 as a new vehicle in a framed portrait for shows. It also has the original inspection sticker and pass stamp that simply blows people away when they see them side by side.

The original owner paid for corrosion protection package from the dealer. The vehicle received an inside, outside and underbody waxoyl style brown cavity wax bath. The body has been so well preserved by the wax, Mitsubishi Australia or the wax brand deserves a plug and a pat on the back. Because of the preservation, this vehicle will spend the next 50 years going to show and shines.

The interior is like new and the paintwork presents as fully detailed concourse show condition.

If you see this car, come and say hello to myself and primary aged kids whom hassle me to take it out and cruise with them all the time. They think it the coolest looking retro car.

They don't know it yet, but it will become theirs to carry on preserving and loving it another generation to see and admire.

Why do I love them? I had one when I was 18 (1996) and my kids found a photo my first car in an old box in early 2022. They blew it up really big as a fathers day present for the man cave, ever since then I wanted another one and relive my youth via my children cruising with them for awesome family memories.

I was searching and planning to buy a scorpion to street and heavily modify, I did not expect to come across this original beauty.

But this time I will do it right, I will respect the car, not abuse it and share it with car enthusiasts all over Australia.


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